The Importance of Sustainability with KUBE

As UK businesses become more eco-conscious, the importance of creating a green and sustainable event is increasing. Sustainability has been an area of interest for a while with consumers expecting businesses to be accountable and recognise the impact their activities have on the environment. KUBE was built with sustainability at its core, offering a low-impact and eco-friendly temporary event structure for companies who want to lead the way in making events more sustainable.

Relocatable and Reusable

Whether your company is in the B2B or B2C industry, your event schedule is likely to be a busy one, especially after the past two years with no events. There are hundreds of trade shows, exhibitions and functions across the country, which if your schedule includes a number of them, your business may be pouring its resources into event planning, with little time left to keep sustainability at the forefront too.

KUBE is the ultimate, bespoke venue solution for hospitality and events. It allows companies to design and build a custom-made structure that can easily be relocated from one site to another. Since there is no need to construct foundations and carry out other time-consuming processes, KUBE can be built and ready for use in two days, taking only one day to dismantle.

Reducing Energy Consumption

A big part of sustainability is reducing the amount of energy we use. UK households and commercial buildings are responsible for almost 40% of carbon dioxide emissions and use 40% of the country’s energy for lighting, heating, and device operation. KUBE is an engineered event structure, built from a series of technical materials to help lower your company’s energy consumption throughout your event.

With 18mm thick, FSC certified, slip-resistant, birch plywood flooring, sealed on all sides with phenolic film, the KUBE can be placed in sensitive areas such as city centres or listed grounds and requires no anchoring down.

The KUBE’s wall system is made from a choice of insulated solid UPVC with the option to add a combination of glazing systems, such as windows, double opening doors and bi-folding windows to provide insulation and wind protection.

Recycling and Re-use

Here at Hampshire Structures, we take an active role in making sure we dispose of all our “end of life” PVC membranes correctly. By grinding down our membrane into small pellets and sending them off to be used in the manufacture of products, such as road cones and pallets, we minimise the accumulation of landfills. Instead, the membranes acquire a second life, helping you reduce your company’s waste.

Our Mindful Footprint

We recognise the need for sustainable business practice, not just to meet the needs of our clients, but because we believe in being a responsible member of the community. That’s why we are committed to sourcing, where possible, local and ethical manufacturers for raw materials, only using material that can be recycled or reused at the end of its life and using electricity from renewable sources, including our own solar panels. We strive to lead by example, knowing that our small change will deliver big results.

Designed Completely for you

With 35 years of working within the events and tensile structure industry, Hampshire Structures are specialists when it comes to creating bespoke venue solutions with sustainability in mind for experiential marketing, fan parks, roadshows and more.

Looking to create a successful and sustainable event structure? Then KUBE is right for you. With its fully customisable structure, it can be built bespoke to your individual specifications and needs. Call our highly qualified experts today for more information on the KUBE and how you can rent, lease or purchase your own.

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