What is KUBE?

Hampshire Structure’s KUBE is a completely customisable multi-storey modular event structure, engineered to the highest of specifications. Perfect for your next branded event, KUBE is one of a kind!

We have extensive knowledge in the manufacture of tensile fabric and event structures - delivering quality, tailored solutions that provide our customers with industry-leading fabric structures and architecture for any event need:

  • Completely customisable
  • Structurally sound
  • Adaptable to location and environment
  • Combination of strength and light weight features
  • Waterproof, reusable temporary event structure
  • Structurally sound materials
  • Insulated and suitable to be deployed all-year-round
  • Pre-wind loaded and fully compliant in areas of extreme wind.
  • Building control approved and DDR compliant


Answering to the demand for low-impact and eco-friendly events, KUBE was designed with sustainability in mind:

  • Fully relocatable and reusable structure
  • Insulated walls, thermo roof and double-glazed windows as an option to improve energy efficiency
  • Constructed from fully recyclable components
  • Suitable for placement in sensitive areas (city centres / listed grounds), as our pre wind/snow loaded KUBE requires no anchoring to the ground
  • Reduced carbon footprint as KUBE is manufactured in the UK 

How is KUBE installed?  

With the help of our professional and knowledgeable team, KUBE can be built and ready for fit out in two just days. Unlike traditional temporary event structures, KUBE takes only one day to dismantle.

Temporary Event Structures UK

The Kube

Technical Data

8.0 metres


Minimum 8.00 metres, length incremental in 4m bays

Height (Single Storey)

Rear : 3.4 metres / Front : 4.2 metres

Height (Two Storey)

Rear : 6.3 metres / Front : 7.1 metres

Wind Loading

0.5 kN/m2 (28.5 m/sec | 63.8 mph)

Snow Load Capacity

0.6 kN/m2

Floor Loading

2.5 kN/m2

Balustrade Loading

1.5 kN/m

Roof Membrane Fire Resistance

B.S 7837 / E.N 13501-1

Side Wall Fire Resistance

B.S 476 Class 1

Structural Engineering

B.S E.N 1990 / 1991 / 1993 / 1999

Technical Materials

KUBE is an engineered modular event structure, built from a series of adonised aluminium members. These members can be configured in many ways, and are joined together using hot dip galvanised steel nodes.

The floor boards are made from 18mm thick FSC certified slip-resistant (R12) birch plywood. Sealed on all sides with phenolic film.

The insulated solid walls are made from a choice of either Virgin Grade (ideal when ordering specific colours) or Recycled Grade (typically white or grey) uPVC. Like all components within KUBE it is fully recyclable, rendering its construction sustainable.

KUBE's roof covering is made from an Opaque PVC Tensile Membrane. As standard the roof is a double layer, air filled pillow membrane which provides insulation to the temporary event structure.

Technical Drawings
Product Accessories


Due to its modular design, you can adapt KUBE to your location and available space. The temporary event structure is built on a unique 8m x 8m block grid pattern and can be extended in 4m bays to fit your space.


With so many branding opportunities, KUBE is perfect for trade shows, exhibition, festivals and more. Wrap KUBE in a digitally printed skin with your artwork or brand logos and choose colours for walls and the roof to match company logos and the event needs.

Walls and Roofs

KUBE side wall system is a combination of glazing systems and UPVC solid walling. Choose glazing systems including, glass walls, double opening doors, bi-folding windows and electric doors. As standard, KUBE is supplied with an insulated double layered tensile membrane roof system. However, you can choose between translucent, opaque or even a coloured roof.


In order to suit the needs of all visitors, KUBE can incorporate external ramps, stairs and lifts to be fully DDA compliant.

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