Stand Out at Your Next Event with KUBE.

There is no better way to engage event attendees than with a bespoke exhibition stand. A thoughtfully designed and built space will allow your brand to stand out from the sea of exhibitors on the show floor. Ensure you make the most of your event investment by not only attracting visitors but converting them into loyal advocates of your brand.

The ultimate bespoke venue solution for your temporary event structure is KUBE. Whatever your vision, Hampshire Structures works closely with you and your team to design and build a custom-made event structure for hire or purchase. KUBE is easily portable and thus the ideal customised solution for clients looking to hire a temporary structure for a one-time event or as part of an event schedule.

Space Saver

Purchasing a double-deck structure like the KUBE has several advantages. First and foremost, you will have more space. Greater square footage means more possibilities! A demo/presentation room, VIP lounge, meeting space, and other amenities could be housed on the top level of a double deck. Then there is the increased brand of real estate. More surface area means more opportunities for marketing and brand messaging, from logos to vector illustrations, to glossy imagery walls. You will also have more visibility. Double-deck structures are common convention landmarks as well as brand status symbols. The large footprint and increased height create an impressive entrance and a truly unique exhibit.

Design and Branding

All successful events have memorable branding, which allows you to showcase what your business is all about. The style, shape, and colour scheme will all bear witness to the fact that you provide a first-rate service or product that far outperforms even your most direct competitor and will provide you with maximum exposure at your event. 

KUBE offers many branding opportunities, whether it is the roof, side walls, or hoardings. KUBE can be wrapped in a digitally printed skin with your artwork to further personalise the structure. Both walls and roof are customisable, allowing you to maintain brand consistency. At Hampshire Structures, we will take all of your carefully considered creative ideas to transform them into truly admirable structures. The result is an exceptional exhibition space, attracting all of the right visitors, and generating the best leads for your business. 

Choose the KUBE for your next event.

With 35 years of experience working within the events and tensile structure industry, Hampshire Structures is a specialist when it comes to creating bespoke venue solutions. With its fully customisable structure, KUBE can be built bespoke to your individual specifications and needs. Contact our highly qualified experts today for more information on the KUBE and how you can rent, lease, or purchase your own.

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