A Comprehensive Service, From Design to End-of-Life

View of the inside of the KUBE.

Hampshire Structures has an established reputation for creating and delivering premium temporary event structures to our clients. Our priority is customer satisfaction with the final product, and this is reinforced by a first-rate aftercare service.

Every project we work on is unique, but our approach remains consistent. We have protocols in place to ensure that you get the best results. Our company is built upon a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as some of the most cutting-edge hardware and software. Each component is created at our specialised plant in rural North-West Hampshire and produced with sustainability in mind.

Project Coordination Service

Our project coordination service is invaluable to ensuring a smooth and consistent journey for your temporary event structure. As a single point of contact, we can guide you throughout all aspects of the build process to enable you to make the right decisions. We can tailor the project coordination service to meet your specific needs, which can be useful when you require extra support in various stages throughout the process. From advising on the most suitable product for the project location and purpose, to overseeing design, manufacture and arranging installation, we can manage a whole project from concept to completion.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our engineers will collaborate with you to visualise your design concepts so you can see how the finished product will look, whilst our in-house design team focuses on function and form, employing cutting-edge technology to create the most eye-catching and appropriate modular event structures.

All our temporary event structures are built with safety, longevity, ease of use, maintenance and sustainability in mind. The structures are engineered and detailed to the highest standards and come with C.E Marking as standard.

Manufactured to the Highest Quality

For thirty years, we have collaborated with our carefully chosen partners to guarantee that every temporary event structure is constructed to the highest standards. We partner with independent structural engineers to ensure you receive a high-quality product and a one-stop service. Whether it's for a one-off event or as part of a large multi-use event schedule, our KUBE is easily portable and becomes the perfect solution. Our durable temporary event structures are weatherproof, reusable and created from only the highest quality materials to ensure they will perform at any event.

With the help of our professional and knowledgeable team, KUBE can be built and ready for fit-out in two just days. Unlike traditional temporary event structures, KUBE takes only one day to dismantle.

First-Rate Aftercare Service

At Hampshire Structures, we believe that the customer experience does not finish with the installation of the KUBE. As part of our customer care procedure, you can expect Hampshire Structures staff to contact you on completion of the work to confirm that your experience was a positive one. We aim to provide first-rate aftercare for any maintenance or service work that is required.

Taking your modular event structure on tour? No problem, our team will be right there by your side for a seamless transition to each location.

Sustainable Development

Hampshire Structures understands the importance of sustainable development and continually aims to improve the environmental impact of our activities. We only use materials which can be recycled or reused at the end of their life and carefully select partners who share our sustainability ethos.

We are actively involved in the "end of life" PVC membrane disposal process. Panels are stripped of all metallic components before they are baled for recycling. The panels are then turned into granules and used in the production of industrial goods like crates and road cones. Old membranes are given a second chance at life and assist you in reducing the amount of waste you send to landfills, making them environmentally beneficial.

Ready to Get Started?

Looking to create a productive and long-lasting event structure? Whether it is for a trade show or corporate hospitality night, we have been involved in many exciting temporary event structure projects over the years. Hampshire Structures’ KUBE is completely customisable, made specifically to meet your requirements. For more information on the KUBE and how you can rent, lease, or buy your own, contact our highly qualified professionals right away.

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